Developing Salesforce Talent in Central America

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At Adapta Technologies we are pioneers in introducing the Salesforce platform to the Central American region. Currently Adapta Technologies is the only Salesforce Partner in El Salvador and one of the few in Central America.  Our CEO and Founder Gino Caprile saw a great opportunity when he knew about this great technology but needed to resolve 2 challenges:

  1. Get the proper training for the resources in Central America
  2. Get the trust and confidence from American clients

For this blog, we will focus on Get the proper training for the resources in Central America.

Developing Salesforce Talent in Central America requires first, an effective recruitment process in which we identify people with the same vision and determination to become professionals in Salesforce, and for that we start by creating awareness of the great characteristics of the platform.

We do that through our Digital Marketing Strategy which is also focused on promoting one of our initiatives of Corporate Social Responsibility called Salesforce Trainee Groups.

In the process, we identify candidates that are aligned with our values and we invite them to our recruitment processes, therefore our Salesforce Trainee Group Program becomes a source of talent. So far, we’ve runned 12 generations of Salesforce Trainee Groups and counting.

Our Salesforce Trainee Group Program aims to share our Salesforce knowledge freely with people interested in the #1 CRM Technology. No strings attached, we gather a group of people and we lead them to become Salesforce Administrators Certified.

On the other hand, we have created strategic alliances with Universities by providing opportunities to students on their final stage and helping them find their first job with us, in a company that offers them constant development, training and of course, gaining experience with real projects. We truly believe that providing decent work opportunities to students or recent graduates is one of the ways to become part of the unemployment solutions that our country needs.

We truly believe that providing decent work opportunities to students or recent graduates is one of the ways to become part of the unemployment solutions that our country needs.

Fabiola Henríquez – Human Resources Manager

Every employee at Adapta Technologies is at constant training. In fact, we are proudly one of the few local companies that requires its team members to never stop learning. As part of our culture and processes, once a new team member gets on board becomes a trainee and immediately he gets assigned a trainer, a more experienced team member who helps the new hire get used to the Salesforce Technology and the company processes, after an evaluation period were 2 Salesforce certifications, advanced level of English and real experience in Salesforce projects is required, a team member is promoted to Junior status and are eligible to be assigned to clients.

Talking about being at constant training, we require all of our team members to get 1 or 2 Salesforce Certifications per year as well as to develop other skills such as Project Management, Scrum Foundations and others.

We also bear in mind that Soft Skills are an important part of a person’s integral development, therefore we also require them to fulfill a Soft Skills program that includes training in areas such as Leadership, Customer Service and Change Management

Finally, support from the upper management is key in order to identify and produce Salesforce talent. Funding and time are needed for these programs and in Adapta Technologies this is the main priority for the company at the same time we constantly construct a culture in which team members truly feel valued by providing growth opportunities, attractive salaries and policies that ensure stability for retention.

The result after all of these steps are highly motivated and loyal Salesforce professionals with great communication and technical skills that can really understand our clients needs and propose solutions based on their expertise through a Nearshore Model. A win – win situation for Adapta Technologies and our American Clients.

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